I love flowers, and I would also love to have my own (rose) garden. So, when I saw many posts of this beautiful garden on Instagram, I was ecstatic.

Sirao Garden or known as the city’s Little Amsterdam, is a garden located in Busay, Cebu city with varieties of flowers like daffodils, sunflowers, and many more. Though we did not see many flowers when we were there in May, I was still amazed at what I saw.

Let me get something clear, though; I’ve been to Amsterdam. So, when I heard about “Little Amsterdam,” I have high expectations. I was honestly astonished by this garden, but I felt like something was missing (and I still can’t figure out what it was).

Anyway, here are the four pictures (yes, four) I took during our visit to Cebu’s Little Amsterdam. It was hot when we were there and taking photos under the scorching heat of the sun was a little troublesome.


I suggest not to go in May because it was super hot – you’ll melt.

And here are the pictures my husband took.

Last but not the least, thank you Patrick (calling Patrick) for taking this picture.


I love this garden, and I think there are still rooms for making it more astonishing. I would definitely go back when it’s not too hot and when there are many flowers.

Do you also love flowers? What is your favorite flower? I would love to know.

Love, Rose

P.S. My favorite flower white rose.


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