I’ve been watching too many Japanese Animation or what others called Anime lately. I’ve watched so many of it that I could not even remember plot nor the title of most of it. However, there was one Anime that I have watched (repeatedly) every day for one month. I watched it so much that I even unconsciously memorized most of the lines.

This anime is called “Assassination Classroom.”


I stumbled on this story while watching the anime Fruits Baskets. I had to re-watched the part where the character was telling this story. Since I’ve heard this story, I could not get it out of my head.

I started asking myself if I would also be considered a foolish traveler. Am I being fooled by the people I helped and continue helping back in my home country? If these people were tricking me, does it matter? Besides, when these people asked for help, I have a choice not to give in. But I still chose to help even though I know the fact that they might trick me.