I have been on a reading slump for quite some time, and honestly, I was so frustrated with myself and I love books and reading more than anything else. If asked about what I would bring to a deserted island, I would be that one person who would confidently say books. To a self-proclaimed bookworm like me, reading is the same as breathing; with that in mind, I wonder how I am still alive.

I was asked during the pandemic why I wasn’t reading at all, and my only response was, “I don’t have the time.” I got so caught up with my anxiety, thinking the world would end soon, that I lost myself in the process. If my husband had not pointed it out, I wouldn’t even realize that `yes, something is missing with my life.`

So, I joined book clubs and book lovers groups on Facebook. I followed BookTok. I was overwhelmed at first. I felt like a kid trying a new hobby for the first time. It was scary and exciting.

It wasn’t easy getting back to reading habits like I used to. I was constantly reminded of what I needed to get done in the house and the work I needed to do. And once again, I started putting down the books while saying the same excuse repeatedly, “I don’t have the time.” But I didn’t want to give up, so I tried again. I visited the list of books I have read in the past. I thought maybe, I could just re-read one book from the list, but as I went through it, I realized I have read quite a bit in the past and asked myself, “How did I even find the time?.” Then it dawned on me that I always MAKE TIME for reading back then. I make time for it because reading is a part of me. It wasn’t a chore where I could put a label of priority on it.

So last month, I successfully found what I had lost, and boy! It felt great! I even come up with the schedule for my reading nowadays.

  • In the morning, I read for one hour while drinking my coffee.
  • I read during bathroom breaks.
  • I read during lunch and dinner time.
  • I read when I just had to take a breather.
  • I read for two-three hours before going to sleep at night; unless I couldn’t put down the book, I would read until my eyes got blurry and gave up on me.

In short, I just make time to read. I had taken advantage of every minute of my day that I could squeeze read even just a few pages. This year my goal is to read 20 books, and I have already read six books; with the rate that I am going, do you think I can make it?

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Until next time!

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