Last year was my second time visiting Hong Kong, but it was my first time to ride and experience riding a cable car. For someone scared of heights, I dared to ride the cable car. Well, it was advertised as the best way to visit Ngong Ping Village, so I went with the hype. Though I was trembling and filled with anxiety during the ride, I was grateful I did it. The view up there was amazing.

I didn’t get a great picture, though. How could you take a good picture when you’re trembling?

After the incredible but heart-stopping ride, we were welcomed by a giant melted ice cream and popsicle corner that was so cute and would be a shame if you don’t take a picture with it and post it on Instagram. Yup! It’s Instagrammable guys! You would not want to miss the opportunity.

Photo Credit: Jessa Torculas

Then as we moved forward to our destination – The Buddha, we were also greeted by these giant good luck drums. Of course, we could not bang the drums, so we could only take pictures with it. I did pray for all the luck, though!


Passing these giant drums, the next things that welcomed us – well, wanna guess? Of course, restaurants, ice cream and coffee shops, and also souvenir shops. We actually had Japanese food for lunch! And the food was so yummy I could die. Well, I think when it comes to food, for me, all of them are yummy. So, I could be biased with my “yummy Japanese food mini-review” there.

Oh no! I couldn’t find the pictures of the food I took. What a shame!

Fast forward to reaching the main destination of this Ngong Ping Village tour; we found the Great Buddha situated way up, so we had to climb the stairs. There were 268 steps, by the way, so if you plan on coming to this village to see Buddha, I suggest you do some walking in your neighborhood at least two weeks before coming here. You know? Just to get your leg muscles ready for the (unexpected) workout. It was definitely exhausting going up there, but no worries, there were benches around the area where you can sit down and rest. There is also a museum up there, but you have to pay the entrance fee.

It was foggy when we went up the stairs, so we did not see Buddha clearly. But the fog surprisingly cleared up after we came down and getting ready to take the cable car back. I was a little disappointed, but I know I can always come back. And I will.

Photo Credit: Jessa Torculas

One of the main attractions of this village, in addition to Buddha, is the Po Lin Monastery. One of  Monastery’s halls is Da Xiong Bao Dian (the Great Hall of Treasure) was enshrined three (enormous-sized) Buddhas. It’s not allowed to take pictures, so I did not even sneak a shot. But I will tell you that this temple is vast and almost covered in gold. They were also having some (kind of) ceremony when we were there, so we got to see some monks and witnessed the Buddhist ceremony – though we do not know what exactly is happening, I felt very fortunate to have witnessed it.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t sure what this Hall called. If you know, please let me know.

Photo Credit: Jessa Torculas

But here’s a picture of Buddha from the other hall (?). 


The only downside I can tell if you’re visiting the Monastery is the smell of the incense and the smoke coming from it. So, if you were sensitive to smell and smoke, you might feel a little uncomfortable visiting this Monastery. But it’s temporary because once you passed the place where they burn incense, the air and smell inside the temple weren’t bad – there were incense burning, but it didn’t smell that bad.

Disclaimer: That wasn’t smoke but fog. But you could smell the incense as soon as you get close to this structure.

Here are some of the pictures my friend Jessa and I took during our Ngong Ping Village adventure!


Have you been on a cable car? How was your experience? If you haven’t been, I suggest considering riding one if you get the chance. It’s worth it!

Untitled-1 copy



Fact about me:
Did you know that I love Anna and the King movie? There was a scene in the movie where they showed monks, so when I saw monks at Po Lin Monastery, I felt like I traveled into the movie. And I could not help but remember the scene when Tuptim and the love of her life were executed. As you can tell, this movie made a significant impression on me that I still remember the expression on Tuptim’s face when she asked Anna, “If love was a choice, who would ever choose such exquisite pain?” And of course, Anna’s question still resonates in my ears and stabs my hopeless romantic heart “I would like to know why — if science can unravel something as beautiful as music –, why it cannot posit a solution for a schoolteacher and a king.” Oh, don’t even get me started on the princess.

Would you guys like me to share a review of Anna and the King movie? I actually have the book, and I haven’t read it yet. Maybe I should prioritize reading this book first and write a side by side review. What do you think, guys? The only problem I have with reviewing books and movies is that I tend to give a bunch of spoilers, so I always hesitate to write them. But, I do really love to share my thoughts on books I read and movies I watched.


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