I’ve been to Cebu quite a few times already, and during those times, I have stayed in different hotels. I never stayed in the same hotel twice. It’s not because I wasn’t happy with the services or amenities, but mostly because of the location and of course, the cost. But this year (2019) I have stayed in the same hotel twice.

Back in 2009, which was my first time in the “Queen City of the South,” we stayed at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino; it was a memorable experience because I got to go to the casino for the first time. Although I had no idea that time how much our hotel rooms cost, I was sure it was quite pricey — the reason I NEVER checked this hotel whenever I was looking for accommodations in Cebu.

Back to the original purpose of this post, Quest Hotel & Conference Center was the only hotel that I stayed in twice and here’s why:

Quest hotel is located at Archbishop Reyes Ave, which is (according to Google map):

5 minutes walk across Ayala Center Mall,
✼ 30 minutes by car from Mactan International Airport,
✼ 15 minutes by car from Port Terminals, Yap-Sandiego House, Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, and Taoist Temple,
✼ 40 minutes by car from Sirao Garden (Cebu Little Amsterdam),
✼ 30 minutes by car from Temple of Leah, and
✼ 55 minutes by car from 10,000 Roses Cafe.

I honestly loved their beds and pillows – not too soft, not too hard. It was comfortable for me, and the room was well maintained.


Amenities (I appreciate)
Well, the air conditioner and water heater were working properly (there were some hotels which these two don’t work). There was also a safe where I  safely left my passport and laptop. Having a hairdryer was also a big plus.

Luxurious breakfast buffet
Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? The variety of food they serve at the buffet was overwhelming. From a range of breakfast meat to different kinds of bread. They also have local specialty dishes, a variety of seasonal fruits, salads, donuts, and many more.

Dine 2

Quest Hotel’s staffs were very hospitable and accommodating. They answered all of my questions and attended to my requests attentively.


I would say that I got my money’s worth. I was highly satisfied during my stay.

I enjoyed and loved my stay at Quest Hotel & Conference Center, and I highly recommend it for your next (or maybe first) trip’s accommodation to the Queen City of the South.


Have you been to Cebu before? Though I might be staying at Quest Hotel again when I find myself in this beautiful city in the future, I would really love to know about your stay in Cebu and what hotel would you recommend.

Please leave your recommendation in the comment, and I’ll definitely check it out! Thank you in advance.

Love, Rose

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