Today marked my husband and I’s 3rd year of being married. I can’t believe that it has been three years already; time does fly!

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I want to write about what I love about him. I could have just told him these things, but I want the world to know how amazing he is.

He is such a kid-at-heart. Steven enjoys and appreciates every little thing in life. He is happy with almost anything. He always looks at the positive things in life. Being married to him makes me forget that I am turning 30 this year.

He doesn’t complain. I never heard Steven complain. There were times that he should be complaining, but he never did. Instead of complaining, he would just smile and say “Oh well!”

He loves me unconditionally. My happiness has been his number one priority since we started dating. To Steven, my well-being is more important than of his own. All my husband care about is that I feel loved; it doesn’t matter to him if I love him back. I love him so much.

He can always calm me down. I had those moments when even I cannot calm myself down. For whatever reason, Steven is the only one who has this power to calm me down; just one word from him and I’ll calm down.

He listens to my stories. Regardless if it is a stupid story I stumbled on Facebook or the book I read, he always listens. Steven will stop whatever he is doing just to listen to me. I remember after I read the book “My Name is Memory,” he sat down for more than an hour listening to me as I talked about the whole story. Then afterward he said, “then I guess I don’t have to read the book.”

He appreciates me. He does not only recognizes the things I do for him, but he acknowledges my mere existence alone. He will always tell me how grateful he is that I am here.

He empowers me. Steven is very supportive of the things I want to do or want to try to do. He believes in my ability and skills. Steven believes that I can do whatever my heart desires. His firm belief in me encourages me to be more confident, to work harder to realize my dreams and to be the person I wanted to be.

He knows when I am not okay. Steven knows when I am lying about being okay, even if I say if I am okay with a smile on my face. He pays so much attention to my behavior that knows whenever something is bothering me without even telling him.

He respects my silence. Sometimes, some things are difficult for me to talk about and would rather keep it to myself; at least until I am ready to talk about it. Steven knows when I don’t want to talk about some things, so he would never question me about it. He patiently waits until I am ready to talk about it; and when I am ready, he listens eagerly.

He cooks good food. I love to eat, and Steven loves to cook. We’re a perfect match, you see.

Though I only talked about the good parts about my husband; I want you to know that he also has bad parts. But if you look at Steven as a whole (like I do), you’ll see that he is greater than the sum of his parts.

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.” ~ Aristotle


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